Business Development Manager : what is it ?

The Business Development manager or "responsable du développement commercial" holds a key position in the evolution of a company. We will explain everything! 👇🏼

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- What is a Business Development manager?

- Translation of Business Development manager

- The work of a Business Development manager

- The salary of a Business Development manager

- Why become a Business Development manager?

- What career options after Business Development manager?

- How to become a Business Development manager?

It's hard to escape the anglicisms in the field of sales. The theory behind the subject originated in the United States. But the seemingly trivial term- Business Development manager actually refers to the person responsible for the growth of the company. And that’s all there is to it.

We invite you to learn more about the person who ensures the development of the company's client base.

What is a Business Development Manager? 🤓

The Business Development Manager (BDM) or Business Developer is the person who ensures that the company's turnover increases. He is responsible for the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to the signing of the contract and client follow-up.

To do this, he will work in improving his sales pitch and his sales argument.

He will analyse his market and put in place appropriate sales strategies in order to maximise the growth of the company that has hired him.

The work of a Business Development manager

The role of this position changes according to the company’s size.

If the company is a start-up or an SME, the Business Developer will be responsible for:

  • prospecting (finding prospects, i.e. potential clients)
  • developing the sales pitch,
  • sales negotiation,
  • closing,
  • market analysis,
  • implementation of sales strategies.

They will often work closely with the marketing department to gather data, to see how the department presents the company's offers and to develop strategies.

In a large company, the sales teams are bigger. In this case, available positions include: Account Manager, Sales Development Representative, etc. 

The salary of a Business Development manager

Let's get down to business. What does a Business Development Manager earn?

Glassdoor reports an average base gross salary of £41,660 per year in the United Kingdom.

Filter by city to see what Business Development Managers in your area earn. Our salary estimates are based on 6,812 salaries posted anonymously on Glassdoor by Business Development Manager professionals.

But you should know that salaries in the business development sector always include a fixed salary and a variable (depending on the amount of turnover achieved).

And with this variable, it is possible to significantly increase your salary.

At iconoClass, the average salary after only 4 months of training is €42k gross per year.


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Why become a Business Development manager?


The motivations are diverse. Some enjoy the challenge. They like having a high target to reach every month. Like a game where you have to do better every time. They are focused on results.

Others are people oriented. What motivates them is to meet new people and build relationships based on trust. 

People who choose this job want to be useful, to do something that counts, to make a contribution to the company. This is a key position. Sales skills are among the most sought-after competencies. A good Business Development Manager is irreplaceable.

Last but not least, the salary is a motivation for many salespeople (even if it is a bit of a taboo subject in France). If you do well in this job, the salaries are high.

What career options after Business Development manager?

Several years of experience are often required for the position of Business Development Manager.

The classic evolution of a Business Developer is:

  • junior Business Developer,
  • senior Business Developer
  • and then one can become Head of Sales (directeur commercial).

The position of manager again depends on the way the company is organised.

There are companies where the manager is in charge of the sales team. He accompanies them in their daily work, he recruits new teams and trains them. But he does not actually make any sales.

In other companies, the Head of Sales manages his teams 50% of his time and the other 50% he continues to carry out Business Development tasks.

As a manager, you can also get involved with sales strategy. In this case, the manager will set up the roadmap for the teams.

The roadmap is the vision that is adopted and the path that must be taken over a given period. It's a detailed plan. Objectives are set and decisions are made to activate this or that lever to achieve them.

How to become a Business Development manager?

Some will say that candidates must be cut out for the job. As if you should have innate qualities. That you have to be a born salesperson.

That's not the IconoClass philosophy. We believe that all key sales skills can be learned. In fact, 80% of the IconoClass training course is practice- based and only 20% is theory. As Aristotle said, "practice makes perfect".

In addition, our coaching is comprehensive. Our training course includes a module on personal development. We are firmly convinced that working on oneself contributes to making a someone a good salesperson.

The only reading advice we give our students, without wanting to give a sacrosanct vision, is: The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom.

A Biz Dev job requires resilience and determination.

A good salesperson should not have any preconceived ideas. All this is in line with one of the Toltec agreements which teaches us not to make assumptions. The book also encourages not to take things personally and to heart.

And throughout the training course, we accompany iconers with their professional project, from the moment they enter the school until recruitment. We advise them on how to write their Business Developer CV, to apply for job offers and to succeed in their job interviews. And who knows, you might be able to apply for jobs not only in Paris, but also in the rest of Europe. 

Whatever the sector, the demand for sales professionals is high.

In our opinion, the only condition for candidates for this position is to be motivated.

Are you? Let's talk about it.


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