Sales Ops

Sales Operations is responsible for the overall efficiency of sales procedures by implementing organisational processes (automation, tools and reporting). The Sales Op facilitates the daily life of the sales teams and helps them to achieve better performance and surpass their objectives.
«Sales Ops facilitate the daily life of sales team by providing them with solutions to maximise their performance»

1. The Sales Ops’s Mission:

In order to facilitate the daily life of salespeople and allow them to focus on what they do best, namely selling, the Sales Ops must implement organisational processes to make sales cycles smoother and faster to enable salespeople to sign more contracts.

  • Creating scorecards and analysing data: he/she participates in the definition, production and analysis of dashboards with the data necessary for the smooth running of the company's commercial activity.
  • Acting as an intermediary with the teams: he/she analyses and communicates commercial performance to all the teams.
  • Managing and optimising the CRM: he/she manages the CRM, continually aims to optimise and ensures that it meets the company's needs to facilitate the work of the sales staff.
  • Selection of tools: he/she identifies and selects relevant software and collaborative tools to facilitate the work of the teams and make the sales process more fluid.
  • Supporting the Sales Director: he/she helps the Sales Director to allocate accounts and sales areas.
  • Assessing the needs of the teams: he/she assesses the training needs of the sales teams.

2. Who does Sales Ops work with? 

Sales Ops aims to optimise the performance of the teams responsible for the entire sales process. He or she therefore works closely with the sales director, the sales teams, the Business Developers, the SDRs, the salespeople and teams, the CSMs and Account Managers to manage the commercial challenges.

3. What skills are needed to become a good Sales Operations Manager?

In order to implement the organisational processes, the Sales Ops Manager must master a number of hard and soft skills:

The hard skills of the Sales Ops:

  • Mastery of numbers
  • Mastery of data analysis tools
  • Mastery of CRM tools

Sales Ops soft skills:

  • Organisational skills and prioritisation 
  • Ability to work in a team, leadership 
  • Rigour
  • Ability to analyse and summarise
  • Adaptability

4. How much does a Sales Ops person earn? Remuneration and salary:

As a Junior Sales Ops: £26 to £32,000 per year + variable salary

As a Senior Sales Ops: £40 to £60,000 per year + variable salary

5. Sales Operations Manager and career development:

After a few years of experience, the Sales Ops Manager can progress to the position of Customer Success Manager, Sales Director or Operations Director.

Our Alumni who became Sales Ops after iconoClass:

Clément Abadie | Sales Operations Manager @LiveMentor


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