Sales Development Representative

Sales Development representatives are responsible for the sales cycle from A to Z, from prospecting to commercial negotiation and customer portfolio management. With the specialisation of sales teams, sales is evolving and we are seeing the emergence of new professions such as the SDR who is the first link in the sales cycle.
«The SDR must demonstrate curiosity and initiative to find the best way of identifying new potential customers, and in this process his or her resilience will make all the difference.»

1. The role of the Sales Development Representative

The role of the SDR is to identify prospects. The SDR is the first link in the sales cycle, but above all, he or she is the company's first representative to customers and is involved in the early stages of the sales process. He or she is responsible for the entire pre-sales phase: lead generation, prospecting and qualification, in order to make as many appointments as possible.

  • Creating a list of qualified prospects: his/her main task is to make prospects want to be interested in the solution he/she wants to sell before transferring it to the sales teams. To do this, he/she must first of all qualify "incoming or outgoing leads" by contacting them and then analysing their motivations and needs before moving on to the next stage: the needs must be consistent with the proposed solution. To find new customers, the SDR must know how to create lists of prospects, qualify them and make enquiries before making contact with them.
  • Determining the prospecting channels: the SDR must establish a prospecting strategy by determining the best prospecting channels according to his contacts: mailing, phoning, Linkedin etc.
  • Automating prospecting: automating its actions is a large part of the SDR's work. In fact, automation will make it possible to gain in efficiency.
  • The first contact: the SDR is the first representative of the company to the prospects. To interest his prospect, he/she must attract his attention by personalising his/her approach.
  • Appointment making: the objective of the SDR is to obtain an appointment to talk about the solution and start the sales process. It is at this stage that the B2B salesperson comes into play.
  • Sales qualification: the SDR must qualify "incoming or outgoing leads" by analysing their motivations or needs in order to ensure that they are consistent with the proposed solution.

 2. Who does the SDR work with?  

The SDR works mainly with the sales people. He is the first ambassador of the company to the prospects. Once he has made contact with the leads to identify their needs and determine potential customers, he will leave the salesperson to deal with the sales and negotiation part and will go back to look for new prospects.

 3. What skills are needed to become an excellent SDR?  

The hard skills of the SDR:

  • Lead generation (scraping)
  • Prospecting methods (cold call, emailing, LinkedIn ... )
  • Scraping and lead generation tools

SDR soft skills:

  • Great intuition
  • Curiosity
  • Listening and analysis
  • Resilience
  • Excellent interpersonal skills 
  • Perseverance

4. How much does an SDR earn? Remuneration and salary:

The remuneration of the SDR evolves with his seniority, the size of the company but also his/her results.

As a junior SDR: from 20k£ to 35k£ gross per year in base salary + £5k to 15£ invariable salary

As a senior SDR: from 40k£ to 50k£ gross per year in base salary + 20k£ and more in variable salary

5. The SDR and career development

With a few years' experience, the SDR can progress to the position of SDR Manager to take charge of a team and acquire managerial skills. Alternatively, they can move to another phase of the sales cycle by moving into Account Executive or Head of Sales positions.

Our Alumni who became Sales Development Representatives with iconoClass

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Mathilde Lechelle | SDR @Welcome To The Jungle


Manel Dahmani | SDR @StaffMe


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