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The B2B salesperson is involved in the whole sales process. Their role is to convince and finalise the sale in order to build a customer portfolio. They propose solutions to their potential clients, according to their needs and motivations, which have been established beforehand during the assessment stage with the SDR, who is responsible for prospecting.

«The discovery phase will be essential to making a good sale, and as Julien Bouic would say, a good salesman never negotiates»

1. The missions of the B2B salesperson:

The salesperson must identify the concerns of his or her prospect, understand the difficulties he or she encounters in order to achieve his or her goals and propose the most suitable solution. Thus, the salesperson must be able to show how his or her solution differs from others. They must establish a sales pitch that highlights the points of differentiation and the advantages of their offer compared to the competitors' offer and thus convince the potential client to choose and buy their solution in order to meet their challenges.


He adapts his commercial offer according to his potential client, presents his offer thanks to a sales pitch and finalises the sale during one or several meetings. He then passes on his client to the Customer Success Manager team for follow-up. In order to hope to win over the customer and finalise the sale, the sales assistant must anticipate and prepare before the sale.

  • Gather information about the potential customer: he or she must be informed about the potential customer: organisation mode, decision-making process, motivations, needs, etc.
  • Know your market and the competition: you must have a very good knowledge of existing market solutions and build a specific sales pitch.
  • Prepare the meeting beforehand: he/she must prepare different approaches, imagine different sales scenarios and adapt them according to his/her interlocutor.
  • Prepare a sales pitch: the salesperson must prepare a sales pitch upstream to show the advantages of the solution.
  • Anticipate objections: he/she must anticipate objections and prepare his answers. They must also prepare the questions they need to ask to lead the prospect to the presentation of the solution.
  • Signing the contract: the salesperson's objective is to sign the contract and develop a long-term business relationship.

2. Who does the salesperson work with?

  • The SDR: the salesperson works with all the sales teams: the SDR, the Account Manager or the CSM. The salesperson intervenes after the SDR, once an initial contact has been made and the prospect has been qualified as a potential customer.

  • CSM and Account Manager: the salesperson convinces the prospect, argues for his solution and finalises the sale. He then hands over to the Account Manager or Customer Success Manager, who will be responsible for ensuring that the solution is properly taken up and used and that the customer is satisfied.

3. What skills are needed to become a good salesperson?

The hard skills of a salesperson:

  • Mastery of sales tools: Discovery methods, creation of sales pitches
  • Mastery of negotiation methods
  • Closing techniques
  • Fluency with figures
  • Mastery of the technical terms of his/her sector
  • Good knowledge of your product and the competition

The soft skills of the salesperson:

  • Active listening
  • Ability to anticipate
  • Oral fluency / eloquence
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy and diplomacy
  • Commitment

4. How much does a B2B salesperson earn? Remuneration and salary:

The salary of a B2B salesperson is, like most jobs in the sales cycle, made up of a fixed part and a variable part generally calculated on the number of sales, turnover etc.


As a Junior B2B Salesperson: £25,000 to £35,000 per year + £5,000 to £10,000 variable salary

As a Senior B2B Salesperson: £45,000 to £80,000 per year + £20,000 variable salary

In the U.K., the average salary of a B2B salesperson is £50,000 gross per year, the median salary being around £40,000.

5. The B2B Salesperson and career development: 

After several years of experience, the salesperson can reach the position of Sales Director or Sales Manager who is responsible for managing the sales teams and determining the sales strategy to be carried out.

Our Alumni who became B2B Sales after iconoClass:

Colas Paul Prairat | Inside Sales @ Doctolib


Théo Chatonnet | Sales Manager @ SumUp


Joris Lainé | Sales @HostnFly


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