Customer Success Manager

The salesperson will strive to sign new contracts. The CSM, on the other hand, only intervenes after the sale has been concluded and will manage the rest. He/she provides follow-up, accompanies customers throughout the application of the solution and responds to the needs of customers in order to maximise their satisfaction and build their loyalty, in particular by offering them new services if necessary.
«The CSM works to maximise customer satisfaction while keeping the company's business issues in mind.»

1. The missions of the Customer Success Manager:

The CSM is the primary contact person for the customer once the sale has been finalised. He is the guarantor of the relationship between the company and the customers and is responsible for maximising their satisfaction. The Customer Success Manager must often respond to incoming customer requests (questions about the installation or operation of the product or service, bugs, problems, training requests, etc.). He/she must also be proactive in order to contact customers about possible product developments (redesign, update, maintenance, downtime, etc.).


He/she is the voice of the company when dealing with customers. He or she must be able to analyse and understand the way each customer operates and the issues at stake. A CSM is therefore above all a specialist of his product, but he must also know his customers and listen to them in order to meet their expectations as well as possible.

This is a key position with a variety of tasks

  • Accompanying the new customer: he/she accompanies the new customer in the use of the solution or product: he/she advises and helps the customer on how to apply the solution and tries to meet the customer's needs and expectations as well as possible.
  • Identify areas for improvement: based on the customers' comments and feedback on the solution, he/she informs the relevant teams of the areas for improvement.
  • Identify high-potential customers: he/she identifies high-potential customers and shares this information with the Account Manager to maximise upsell or cross-sell.
  • Building customer loyalty: he/she is responsible for the retention rate. To retain customers in the long term, the CSM must continually respond to customer needs with new solutions.

2. Who does the CSM work with?  

  • The sales team: he/she works daily with the Sales team, who have already been in contact with the customer, to ensure the transition when a sales deal has been finalised and the prospect has become a customer and enters the post-sales phase.

  • The support teams: they work closely with the Product team to provide feedback on the various remarks, feedback or new ideas about the solution sold and its functionalities. He/she regularly collaborates with the technical team to ensure fast and relevant support.

3. What skills are needed to be a good Customer Success Manager?

CSM hard skills:

  • Good grasp of modern technologies: to help customers get to grips with increasingly digital solutions.
  • Management of monitoring KPIs
  • Management of CRM software
  • Project management
  • Product knowledge

CSM soft skills:

  • Empathy: Knowing how to keep one's cool and manage conflicts is essential to maintain one's customer portfolio
  • Good communication skills
  • Adaptability
  • Organisation: as this is a multi-skilled position with many responsibilities
  • Sales and listening skills: to be able to seize opportunities when a customer wants to upscale

4. How much does a Customer Success Manager earn? Remuneration and salary:

The salary depends on the structure of the company. In some cases, CSMs will receive commissions on additional sales or on the state of the customer portfolio, but this is not always the case.

As a Junior CSM: £30-40,000 per annum + commission on additional sales (upsell opportunities)

As a Senior CSM: > £50,000 + commissions on additional sales (upsell opportunities)

5. The Customer Success Manager and career development:

The diversity of the Customer Success Manager's missions can lead him/her to evolve rapidly. He/she can reach the position of Head of Customer Success or Key Account Manager to manage major accounts. It is also common to move into sales or business development positions.

Our alumni who became Customer Success Manager after iconoClass:

Gabin Latchère | Customer Care @Mansa


Lilia Payet | Customer Success @Ringover


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