Business Developer

The Business Developer is responsible for increasing the company's turnover through the acquisition of new customers and the identification of new growth levers.
« The Business Developer is the 4x4 of the salespeople, capable of prospecting, sales, upselling, training and customer support.»

1. The missions of the Business Developer

The job consists of identifying and chasing the best prospects by several means: calling, e-mailing or going directly into the field. Negotiation is also an important part of his job.

  • Analysis and identification of new opportunities: monitoring work is essential to find and propose growth solutions other than the acquisition of new customers. He/she must be on the lookout for any opportunity that can generate growth for the company.

  • Analysing the problems of commercial targets: the Business Developer must analyse the needs of his targets and thus ensure that he attracts their attention.

  • Prospecting for future customers: this is the most important aspect for the Business Developer. She/he must be able to identify and analyse new markets and new prospects. Once interesting prospects have been identified, he/she will be responsible for arranging meetings with these potential stakeholders.

  • Be the first contact with a prospect: presenting his/her solution or product to prospects without a commercial proposal by scheduling meetings.

  • Establishing a relationship of trust with the prospect: once the new customer has been identified, a relationship of trust must be established. At this stage, the Business Developer must understand the needs of his prospects and offer them a suitable solution.

  • Participate in improving the product: the Business Developer participates in improving the product by relaying customers' requests to the technical teams.

2. Who does the Business Developer work with?

  • The Account Manager or CSM: the Business Developer is the point of contact between the prospects and the company. Once the contract has been signed, he passes the responsibility over to the Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.

  • The support teams: working as closely as possible with prospects and their difficulties, they collaborate with the support services (marketing, IT, communication, etc.) in order to provide information and activate other growth levers (partnerships, product improvement, software).

3.  What skills are needed to become a Business Developer?

The hard skills of the Business Developer:

  • Know how to generate leads: scraping, growth
  • Mastering prospecting techniques: cold calling, Linkedin & cold mailing
  • Master the methods of negotiation & closing

Business developer soft skills:

  • Relational skills: being in constant contact with different people, good communication is essential
  • The ability to listen: to understand and decipher the problems of prospects
  • An ability to analyse and summarise
  • Perseverance and resilience
  • Rigour and organisation
  • An innovative spirit

4. How much does a Business Developer earn? Remuneration and salary.

Like most sales jobs, Business Developers receive a fixed salary but also a variable salary, calculated on the basis of their results. The remuneration plan depends on the company's sector of activity, the biz dev's level of experience, the assignment, the position of the sales/marketing division in the company, etc.

As a Junior Business Developer: in avg. 32,000£ gross per year + variable (OTE).

As a Senior Business Developer: in avg. 45,000£ gross per year + variable (OTE).

On leaving iconoClass, a Business Developer earns an average of £41,000 gross per year (including OTE).

5. Business Developer and career development.  

A Business Developer can move up to positions of high responsibility with a more strategic mission such as Sales Manager or Sales Director, and acquire management skills. Otherwise, he can always leave the pre-sales phase and move on to B2B sales positions, Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.

He or she may move to United Kingdom or abroad, depending on the company. The evolution also depends on the development of the position and the vacancies in the company. Otherwise, they may move to other companies. In order to become a director, the biz dev will be given several missions. In addition to managing the customer portfolio, he or she must be able to manage and establish acquisition strategies (digital or otherwise)...

Our alumni who became Business Developers after iconoClass:

Louis Collard | Business Developer @Heenoo


Antoine Ferrando | Business Developer @ Partoo


Benjamin Fritsch | Business Developer @Hub Institute


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