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AN INTENSIVE 12-weeks course

Preparing you to become fully operational and job-ready from Day 1!
In 3 months at iconoClass, you will learn a great deal.

Thanks to our programme of which 80% is hands-on practical experience, you will acquire all the necessary skills to progress quickly. You will be accompanied by the best coaches and speakers in the industry to train you for your future job as a Business Developer.


Conceived to help you become the best sales person.
The full-time 3 months training course at iconoClass will allow you to get first-hand professional experience as a salesperson and help build your professional career along with your self-confidence.
Sales and related tools
The Sales Coaches or professional instructors will teach you the different sales methods, from lead generation strategies to closing deals and after sales. Unlike traditional educational models, at iconoClass, skills are taught in a fun way: gamification and interaction. You will not be passive but active.

Sales Techniques and Methods

144 h

Working on real-life cases

176 h

Getting to grips with digital tools

32 h
Personal Development: to gain self-confidence
Sales is all about relationships. It is a sector that puts people at the heart of interactions. And before understanding the needs of his or her interlocutor, a good salesperson must know himself or herself well. At iconoClass, you will be encouraged to discover yourself in order to better relate to others.

Interpersonal skills workshops

28 h

Applying skills in practice

32 h
CAREER DEVELOPMENT: To prepare you for the job
In addition to learning how to sell, you will learn how to sell YOURSELF. At iconoClass our primary goal is to put you on the path to success and help you find the right job in the right company.

Job interview preparation

64 h

Autonomous work

65 h

Talent Weeks

70 h


At iconoClass, we surround ourselves with the best sales experts to train tomorrow's best salespeople.
Our trainers are only professionals who are currently working in companies in order to provide rich, up-to-date content with a real perspective on what is expected in companies.


We also welcome more than 10 icono-spirational personalities over the 4 month period who will come and join us and give inspirational talks. Entrepreneurs, business leaders and managers, adventurers, politicians, sport athletes... You will get inspired for life!


Who will turn you into the future Sales Champions
Les technique de Growth hacking avec Kevin Dufraisse
Les technique de Growth hacking avec Kevin Dufraisse
Les technique de Growth hacking avec Kevin Dufraisse
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Before the course via Learning Platform
The Sales basics (2 weeks online)
You will start by discovering the world of sales and the day-to-day life of salespeople. Then, very quickly, you will get to grips with the entire sales cycle.
Month 01
In the pre-sales phase, you will acquire the attitudes and techniques for good prospecting. You will learn how to define your targets, identify them, qualify them, and then contact them to obtain appointments.
Month 02
Once you have obtained an appointment, you will learn how to prepare your meeting and also discover the most effective negotiation techniques to convince your potential client and sign a new contract.
Month 03
Once a contract has been signed, that’s when the hard work begins for the company. You will learn how to maximise the satisfaction of new customers, to accompany them in finding solutions to their problems, continually adding value to their business’s goals and increase the company’s turnover.
You are certified and ready to be recruited!


16 highly intensive weeks of training. You will be on campus or online every day from 9:30am to 4:00pm (weekdays only).
Same pace as your future work life.
9 AM-9:30 AM Coffee & Mood
9:30 AM-12:30 PM
Sales Coaching
Partner day: Sales techniques and methods
Inspiring Talk
Partner day: Sales techniques and methods
Sales Coaching
Lunch break
1:30 PM-4 PM
Career Development
Partner day: Practices
Personal Development
Partner day: Practices
Weekly recap, Team building
4 PM-6 PM
Freelance Job
Freelance Job
Freelance Job
Freelance Job
Freelance Job

Ready to start your career in B2B sales?


Join an intensive 3-month training course to become a Business Developer

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What does the training course involve?

The iconoClass full-time training course lasts 3 months. It is 80% hands-on and will allow you to master the entire sales cycle from pre-sales to post-sales. During these 3 months, you will work with more than 50 partner companies and meet more than 150 speakers. In addition to sales, you will also learn about personal and career development. For more details about the training program, please consult here.

What kind of profiles do you accept?

At iconoClass, we strive to make excellent education accessible to all. We accept all types of profiles from 18 years old. Whether you are a school graduate, a student or changing career paths, if you want to make sales your future career, you are welcome at iconoClass. The only prerequisite? Your motivation!

I am a foreign student, can I join iconoClass Bootcamp?

We accept all types of profiles at iconoClass, regardless of their origin or previous experience. The only prerequisites to come to iconoClass are to be at least 18 years old, be a UK resident, have a valid working visa and be fluent in English.

What if I don’t live in London?

If you live outside of London, don't panic! A 100% remote learning option is available. You will be covering the same courses, have the same teachers and the same guarantees.

How can I finance my course?

There are a few ways to finance your course. The most popular option is to delay your payment until the moment you got a job (deferred payment with Student Finance) or you can pay up to 12 instalments without any interest. For more details about the different solutions, get in touch and we will answer all your questions. For more details about the different solutions, click here.

What is the job placement rate at the end of the course?

98% of our students are recruited on permanent contracts within the first 3 month after the end of the program. 1% start their own business (freelancers and entrepreneurs) and 1% choose to do an internship in a company before going on to a permanent contract, especially the younger profiles. Read the testimonials of alumni who found their new career path at iconoClass here.

Does the training lead to a diploma?

You will not get a diploma at iconoClass, but you will acquire all the necessary practical skills to become highly employable and get a job in B2B Sales. You will become fully operational and ready to join a company. The primary objective of the training course is to help you get a job you desire quickly.

Does the training allow me to obtain a visa?

Our Bootcamp training guarantees a job, so it is essential for you to be able to work in the U.K. in the first place. If your current visa doesn't allow you to work in the U.K., then unfortunately our course will not help you with that. If you don't have a valid working UK visa but you want to join our course, you can nevertheless do our course and pay for it out of your own means. In this case we cannot guarantee you a job placement as it will depend on the company you choose to join.

What happens if I don't find a job after the course?

iconoClass has trained over 250 people since 2019. Of these 250 people, 98% have found a permanent job after completing the training course. In addition, more than 400 companies are looking to recruit iconoClass graduates. So don't worry, you'll find the job that is right for you. If you don't find a job even though you've done everything possible, we'll refund your course fees.

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